Picture of the month: Flying DJ duo in style!

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News: Picture of the month: Flying DJ duo in style!

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The video for Ofenbach’s chart-topping “Be Mine” opens with the sound of a car engine. But it took a VIP jet to transport stars César Laurent de Rummel and Dorian Lauduique, the DJ duo behind Ofenbach’s hits, from Zurich to Paris last November.

At Pro Sky, we’re proud to count these pop musicians among our VIP clients and to play a role in making sure they’re on time to meet the fans waiting for them at concerts and music festivals. Our private jet experts organized the private flight aboard a Phenom 100.

And the duo, always ready to share a moment of happiness, were kind enough to pose for these photos in advance of the journey.Thanks, Ofenbach. Any time you need private jet expertise, we hope you’ll “Be Ours.” We like the sound of that!



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