PRO SKY Launches Digital Video Tool for Virtual Private Jet Visits

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News: PRO SKY Launches Digital Video Tool for Virtual Private Jet Visits

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Company’s newest solution makes it possible to go aboard private jets without leaving the privacy of your home or office.

Travel by private jet offers all the comforts of home, from the feeling of total relaxation as you settle into the soft leather seating to the pleasure of enjoying audio or video on a high-end entertainment system. Add the delights of fine food and beverages and you have something like an upscale living room that’s become airborne.

Now a new web-based service from PRO SKY enables you to assess and compare the interiors and specifications of each private jet category without leaving your living room (or office). The company has announced the launch of a digital video feature that makes it possible to visit and compare cabins virtually.



This new concept, available exclusively through PRO SKY, complements its Private Jet Pricing tool, which provides instant estimates of private jet expenses to assist in travel management planning and budgeting. Taken together, the two innovations simplify the process of organizing VIP flights and choosing the most suitable aircraft category for any private jet journey. 


“Before making a decision, you can compare 1:1 all different categories, as for all videos the same person with same size has been used to make it as comparable as possible — and you can be confident that when you board, there will be no surprises” says Fabrice Koeb, PRO SKY’s Managing Director responsible for all VIP flights. “Combined with our private jet pricing tool, this new digital content delivers an unmatched level of information and service.”


In keeping with PRO SKY’s core principles, the two innovations are designed to deliver exceptional service to the company’s clients and industry-leading support to anyone—from travel managers to executive assistants—responsible for researching and selecting modes of VIP transportation.

You can access the new virtual visit tool here.


“Despite the sense of exclusivity that private jet travel implies, there are many VIP options available, and for this passenger segment, it’s essential to make the right choice,” Koeb says. “We understand how easy it is to become overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of the information available, and we developed these tools to simplify the decision-making process. Our goal in creating solutions is to ensure not only that clients’ travel is as memorable as the rest of the journey, but also that they are confident that the choices they make align with their preferences and priorities.”


Experience the new tool firsthand here or contact Fabrice KOEB at Fabrice.Koeb@pro-sky.com for further information or assistance with your VIP or private jet needs.