Football 2018: Kaliningrad – The city of Time Travel

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News: Football 2018: Kaliningrad – The city of Time Travel

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Some call it “Kaliningrad” whilst others call it “Konigsberg”. Regardless of the name, this city holds numerous attractions for all tastes. The newly built stadium basks in the light of the football festival in June and will not be forgotten afterwards, as it will become the new home for the local football team FC Baltika. Find out more what awaits you at the national airport Khrabrovo!

With 3.5 million passengers per year, Khrabrovo is not just one of the most important airports during this the mega sports event 2018. By supporting the local junior football club “The Discovery” (in Russian Otkrytije) it also shows its passion for football in its daily operations. This partnership supports the young players in all aspects of their journey on the way to their biggest dream. So how does the airport support you in your journey?

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The Kaliningrad stadium is going to host the following matches during the group phase:

  • Group D, 06/16           Croatia – Nigeria
  • Group E, 06/22           Serbia – Switzerland
  • Group B, 06/25           Spain – Morocco  
  • Group G, 06/28           England – Belgium  

Once you arrive in Kaliningrad you may suddenly forget that you are actually in Russia – the unusual former name of the city “Königsberg” derives its origin from times when the Germans took over parts of the country and left their traces which can be found until today. Those who share the same passion for culture as for football, can go back to their childhood memories and visit imposing fortresses and castles, or even become a knight for themselves! Another architectural uniqueness are the city’s several gates, which date back to the 19th century.

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The city’s time travel doesn’t only go back in history, the futuristic museum of the “World Ocean” is currently being constructed and promises and unforgettable view.

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