Susanne Drenks: "I want to turn flying into an event!"

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Susanne Drenks | Client Service Manager for Airline Tickets For Groups | Pro Sky

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Since the beginning of December, Susanne Drenks has been strengthening our team in a special way with her more than 25 years of experience in the aviation industry, her talent for organisation and her insatiable desire for new challenges. Full of energy, she has been supporting the Pro Sky colleagues in the "Airline Tickets For Groups" department and has made quite an impression with her sincere nature and immense know-how.

After spending 23 years at Deutsche Lufthansa at the Cologne/Bonn Airport and two years at Avantiair, Susanne Drenks has found her new professional home at Pro Sky. How did we persuade her to join us? "The innovative approach and a highly motivated team," recalls Susanne. But it was the challenge more than anything else that appealed to her. "I'm faced with new tasks here and frequently have to think out of the box to find the best solutions. It's not always easy, but then it's all the more fulfilling," says the 56-year-old. "This is especially the case when good advice has resulted in a customer praising the special experience we were able to give them."


"A particularly valuable colleague!"

And why did you think Susanne Drenks was right for the job? "We went for Susanne because of her many years of experience in both the airline and charter sides of the industry," says Martina Zocher-Torbohm, Head of Airline Tickets for Groups. "Susanne has been very Pro Sky minded from the start and convinced us that she would work according to our principles such as further training, internationality and reliability, as well as handle herself with the professionalism and experience that are so vital in our sector." In the meantime, she has already justified our trust in her on many occasions in our Cologne office, and has been making an especially good impression with her analytical approach.

But it's not just Susanne's customers and her supervisor who are so impressed with her. Her colleagues also know that she was the perfect choice for the job. This passionate curling enthusiast has proven to be a real team player and not just at company curling contests. In the office, Susanne demonstrates her motivation and commitment every day. She provides optimal support to her colleagues, is already supervising her own projects and has shown herself to be a true master in puzzling together the best flight options. "It is precisely this and her desire to constantly develop new skill sets and be involved in many different areas that makes Susanne a particularly valuable colleague to us," says Martina Zocher-Torbohm. Dear Susanne, welcome aboard!



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