11 aircraft designs with a Wow-effect

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11 aircraft designs with a Wow-effect

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The Aviation Trend 2019? Branding a complete aircraft! Thanks to special coating, a regular aircraft can quickly be transformed into the perhaps most exciting advertising space in the world. However, this form of brand communication is not completely new. In the past, some brands already used this technique for spectacular designs. This are our eleven favourites.

Haribo: Never before has aircraft branding been so sweet

Philip Lange / Shutterstock.com

The gold bears take off. For a whole ten years, Haribo designs adorned TuiFly machines. Whether in blue, radiant gold or a colourful Tropifrutti livery – the machines decorated with motifs from the confectionery manufacturer have always been an eye-catcher.


Minions: The yellow creatures conquer the skies

JEERAPAN JANKAEW / Shutterstock.com

As an official sponsor of Universal Studios Japan, it was only a matter of time before Japan Airlines would dedicate a complete aircraft to the Minions being the stars of the 4-D simulator ride attraction. And the design is definitely attracting attention.


Disney: Mickey Mouse learns to fly

Carlos Yudica / Shutterstock.com

How could a trip to Disneyland® Resort become even more magical? Of course with a Disney themed plane! If you take off with Alaska Airlines, with a little luck you can experience exactly this and start your Disney adventure already at the airport.


The Hobbit: Off to Middle-earth!

Markus Mainka / Shutterstock.com

Since 2012, the Hobbits have felt at home not only in the Shire but also in heaven. The reason? Air New Zealand decorated an entire aircraft in the "Lord of the Rings" design for the premiere of the first part of "The Hobbit" ­– and produced an extra safety video.


Star Wars: May the tailwind be with you!

Davide Calabresi / Shutterstock.com

"To laminate the plane you have," was perhaps Master Yoda's request, due to which All Nippon Airways created an entire Star Wars fleet. The special thing about it: The interior was also adapted to the Star Wars saga – e.g. with special headrest covers.


BVB: A football team takes off

Tobias Arhelger / Shutterstock.com

"We are impressed by the design of the BVB aircraft," said BVB Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke in 2016 before the first flight with the black and yellow Airbus A320. It goes without saying that the football club published numerous pictures of the Eurowings aircraft.


Hello Kitty: A dream in pink

Tommytang / Shutterstock.com

Hello Kitty offers a giant assortment: shoes, lip gloss, hot-water bottles. However, the Japanese cult figure has been crowned by the Taiwanese airline Eva Air, which decorated a total of seven airplanes with the cute motifs.


Tintin and Struppi: Comic book heroes on tour

Rebius / Shutterstock.com

Tintin and Struppi as ambassadors for Brussels? Perfect, thought Brussels Airlines and Moulinsart. Together they decorated a plane with the comic book characters and named it Rackham. Have you already discovered that the nose of the plane shows a shark face?


Expedia: What a birthday present!

Jaggat Rashidi / Shutterstock.com

For the first anniversary of AirAsiaExpedia, a joint venture of Air Asia and Expedia, the company rewarded itself with a bright yellow paint job on its Airbus A320. This way, the aircraft does definitely stand out from afar.


Pokémon: Pikatchu on a long journey

WorldStock / Shutterstock.com

The All Nippon Airways (ANA) fleet comprises a total of nine Pokémon jets. The first aircraft in the Pokémon design took off in 1998, while the latest one is from 2016. Fun fact: The planes with the fantasy creatures are regarded as the most popular ANA aircrafts.


Kung Fu Panda: Baby alarm on board

Carlos Yudica / Shutterstock.com

What an eye-catcher! For this design Hainan Airlines got nobody less on board than Jeremiah Schaeffer, the manager of Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda Design Group. His paintwork shows the funny chaos that arises when traveling with the whole family.