Convention "EDV Ile-de-France": Travel agents welcomed by reindeer

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EDV Convention: PRO SKY welcomes travel agents with reindeer

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More than a hundred participants, the desire for an extraordinary destination and four days full of exchange and thrilling activities. When the Travel Agency syndicate from the region Ile-de-France “Entreprises du Voyage” was looking for a unique environment for their convention, PRO SKY became a sponsor and organized flights to Swedish Lapland.

Right after the passengers left the plane and saw our special welcome, getting all excited we knew we had made the right decision. 


Discovering a new kind of group flights

The first thing you could notice were the travel agents exchanging smiles when spotting their Check-In area. At the Paris CDG airport, PRO SKY had not only reserved one or two but a total of three counters to guarantee a relaxed check-in. With all of them being customized for the convention, there was a lot to explore for the 106 participants. In a relaxed atmosphere, they could pick up the program, discover who else was participating in the trip and get in the right mood for this extraordinary event.

Photo: Gilles Meynard 


Taking Check-In and Onboard-Branding to the next level

"Airport employees and some other travellers outside the group called me to find out more about this special flight”, explains Quentin Rouxel, Director Marketing and Product Development at PRO SKY. “They were amazed by the individualized setting, gazing at the banners and carpets marked with the logo of Entreprises Du Voyage. I think some of them were even more intrigued by the destination we were heading to than the convention participants.”

Photo: Pablo Kievernagel


“We discovered that each passenger had his own personalized seat!”

However, the customization of group travel did not stop there. Gilles Meynard, PRO SKY France director and organizer of the EDV 2019 convention, payed great attention to the details to create a memorable charter flight aboard the A320. The result was fantastic. "When we got on the plane, we discovered that each passenger had their own personalized seat with their names on the headrests," remembers Celia Tichadelle, Associate Director of Travel Insight. "This was a pleasant surprise. Nevertheless, the arrival at the Arvidsjaur Airport was even more unexpected. On the airfield, reindeer welcomed us. That was just magical!”

Photo: Pablo Kievernagel


Exploring Europe’s last wilderness

It only took minutes to immerse the local feeling of life. Less than three hours after the takeoff from Paris, the convention participants were already exploring the surroundings, appreciating the change of scenery. On site, they enjoyed a program that combined enriching lectures with unique outdoor activities, which was perfect to get to know each other in a less formal setting. The participants experience at first hand why Swedish Lapland is appreciated for its intact nature.

Photo: Celia Tichadelle from Travel Insight  


Snowmobile tours, dog sled rides and jumping into the freezing cold sea

Especially for thrill-seekers, there were many activities to choose from. Despite the unusually high temperature of two degrees, the participants could dare a dynamic driving experience on the ice, go on an excursion with dog sleds and enjoy a two-hour snowmobile tour through the forest and on the still frozen lake. The one activity that surprised the delighted French tourism professionals the most? The icebreaker trip followed by a jump into the frozen sea – only wearing a special body suit for protection.

Photo: Graeme Richardson


“I see myself proposing these activities to my customers as soon as I return to France!”

“The feedback was simply amazing”, explains Quentin Rouxel. “The beauty of Swedish Lapland overwhelmed everyone.” The reason? Less well known than its Finnish neighbour, the region is protected from mass tourism and therefore particularly charming for action-filled adventures. "These are activities that I see myself perfectly proposing to my customers as soon as I return to France," explains Nicolas D’Hyères, Director of the travel agency Evasion & Découverte. Moreover, the region can also score with a wide range of cultural highlights such as the UNESCO protected "church village" of Gammelstad or Europe's largest horizontal waterfalls in Storforsen.

Photo: Gilles Meynard


An excellent conclusion that requires repetition

Above all, it was the president of the EDV Ile-de-France, Lionel Rabiet, who was truly satisfied with the event. "The convention pleased everyone! In terms of the number of participants, in terms of the number of sponsors who trusted us, but also regarding the quality of the conferences and the choice of destination.” The result? Happy participants and a thankful French trade press. Tourmag for example produced a video about the convention while Le Quotidien du Tourisme took the chance to write an article about one of the debate related to customers’ compensation when it comes to air travel delays, cancellations or overbookings. For a great impression of the EDV convention, we also recommend reading the article from Tour Hebdo describing in detail which activities and conferences took place.


Foto: Gilles Meynard