Mayor Bartsch: "PRO SKY is an enrichment for Cologne!"

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Mayor Hans-Werner Bartsch (centre), who was accompanied by Dominik Kaven and Veronika Dudek,  met Armin Truger (right) to get to know more about PRO SKY as one of the most innovative companies in Colo

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When Cologne's mayor Hans-Werner Bartsch wanted to get to know companies in Cologne Mülheim better, he decided to visit the Cologne office of PRO SKY. "I gained completely new impressions. It's great that we have such a company in Cologne Mülheim. It's a true enrichment", says Bartsch. CEO Armin Truger did enjoy the pleasant conversation as well: "It's great when we are perceived as an enhancement for Cologne."


During the meeting Truger took the opportunity to present not only the group flight and VIP services of Pro Sky, but also the current employer branding program as it puts a special focus on the location Cologne, presents the advantages of the city as well as the personal experiences of international colleagues. "We wanted our French and Spanish team members to have their say, as some of them have moved to Cologne especially for PRO SKY," explains Miriam Mathwich, Director People. "Cologne is a feeling, you can quickly get connected here, and the high diversification of the city is also reflected in our team. That's exactly what we want to convey: In Cologne, there are a lot of warm, open-minded people who will make you feel at home at the drop of a hat." 

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Excerpt from the PRO SKY brochure "Join the Team".



"It's great to see that more and more digital companies are settling on the Carlswerk site," explains Truger. In this way, a lively urban quarter is being created where once there was a cable factory. It feels a bit like Cologne's Silicon Valley. "With the Carlswerk in the middle of Mülheim, there is now an area for established companies as well as entrepreneurial spirit. Here not only the Schauspiel Cologne is located but also a boulder hall. Eurowings Digital has recently chosen this location and we have felt at home here for a long time," says Truger. "This creative atmosphere suits us perfectly. Here, we are part of an important piece of history. In the 19th century Carlswerk was a place where international economic relations originated. Now we can contribute to the continuation of this heritage by connecting people all over the world through innovative flight offers". Last year, the local press wrote an article about PRO SKY as part of the innovative business park. "We were very pleased with the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger article about PRO SKY. This and the positive feedback from our customers and colleagues shows us that we are on the right track".

Mayor Hans-Werner Bartsch (centre), who was accompanied by Dominik Kaven and Veronika Dudek,  met Armin Truger (right) to get to know more about PRO SKY as one of the most innovative companies in Cologne Mülheim.