Fam Trip to Sardinia: Event planners discover the pearl of Italy

Crystal clear water, traditional cuisine and impressive landscapes. For the second time, Pro Sky invited event managers to experience first-hand the picturesque island in the Mediterranean Sea. Together with the Italian Hospitality Collection and Sardinia Adventure, we invited seven MICE planners from Germany and Switzerland to discover Sardinia with all their senses, expand their portfolio and gather unforgettable impressions.

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Fam Trip

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Sardinia beach

Sardinia: the optimal MICE destination

“Our goal was to let the diversity of Sardinia make an impression on us in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere,” says Daniel Kusenbach, Director Sales. Already last year in June, Pro Sky had organized a Fam Trip to the island. “The feedback was sensational. It was soon clear that we wanted to offer another information trip to Sardinia.” Shortly after, Pro Sky teamed up with Matilde De Simone from the Italy Hospitality Collection and the DMC Sardinia Adventure, and selected guests for the next trip. At the beginning of June, the time had arrived. Together with seven event managers, the island was explored. “The MICE planners could then get a feeling for Sardinia and establish contacts to local partners,” Daniel Kusenbach reveals, who knows that familiarization trips, or Fam Trips, are becoming increasingly important for event managers.

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“Everyone could identify with the programme and the activities!”

What was Pro Sky’s role in all this? “We organized flights from Munich, Zurich and Basel, presented the PRO SKY Destination Report and our Arvidsjaur programme,” says Kusenbach. “The event managers found the new Find & Fly Radius function particularly exciting. It has not yet been officially released, but is currently being tested at selected events. Everyone was enthusiastic about the update. The new function is a great help when choosing a destination. It saves time, gives a quick overview and shows destinations that MICE planners may not even have considered as an option,” says Kusenbach. It was similar when in Sardinia: “The partners gave a quick overview as well as providing in-depth information about the resort and activities.” The overall organization was perfect. “There was something for every event manager to remember Sardinia as an ideal MICE destination,” reports Kusenbach. “It couldn’t be better. Sardinia will definitely stay on our Fam Trip list.”

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Local activities

  • Take a Jeep safari to a traditional agri-tourism country house, sample the traditional Sardinian cuisine (goat kid grilled on a skewer)
  • Hiking through the “Grotta Ispinigoli”, one of Europe’s most impressive limestone caves
  • A boat tour to hip beaches and bays, swimming in the crystal clear water and then enjoying an aperitivo at the beach bar
  • Traditional craftsmanship (basketry, pottery) and preparing culurgiones (Sardinian pasta) filled with mint and pecorino cheese
  • A tour of the Chia Laguna hotel/resort (room/conference/spa/beach)

“We are looking forward to presenting our unique Chia Laguna experience to the MICE planners. Here, Event Managers experience Italian Caribbean moments, which are so unique in Europe.” Matilde De Simone, Regional Senio Sales Manager, Italian Hospitality Collection

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